Juvederm Vollure

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Juvederm Vollure is a volumizing, hyaluronic acid-based dermal injection that smooths moderate wrinkles and folds. Vollure is effective, versatile and can be used anywhere on the face safely. With a treatment that can last as little as half an hour, Juvederm Vollure can restore lost volume in your face and fill deep creases and lines.

Vollure has a number of benefits compared to older dermal fillers such as:
Smoother results
Causes less swelling than older fillers.
Vycross technology means longer-lasting results.

Juvederm Vollure, technically called Juvederm Vollure XC, is designed with built-in numbing agents for maximum comfort during the injection procedure. We also provide topical numbing creams to further eliminate any discomfort.

Juvederm Vollure FAQs

How long does Vollure last?
The results of a Vollure Injection are clinically tested to last as long as 18 months. Vollure is known to be one of the longest-lasting volumizing injectables available today.

Which is the best Juvederm?
Each dermal injection from the Juvederm line comes with a specialized formula that can suit a variety of different purposes. The best version will depend on your personal body goals and your individual anatomy. For example, Voluma is made with a thicker texture and consistency than Juvederm XC, which is ideal for lifting and stabilizing nasolabial folds.

Is Vollure good for lips?
Juvederm Vollure’s hyaluronic-acid base can be used for lip augmentation because it provides great results for subtle improvements in volume and creating fuller, youthful lips.

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