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Curriculum Vitae – Kouros Azar, M.D.

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  • Diplomate, American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Ambassador, American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Active Member, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery


  • The University of Utah – Salt Lake City, Utah, Fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • The University of Arizona – Tucson, Arizona, General Surgery Residency
  • Case Western Reserve University – Cleveland, Ohio, M.D. – School of Medicine, B.S. – Biomedical and Electrical Engineering


  • Mountaineering
  • Backpacking
  • Rock climbing
  • Violin, Classical and Flamenco guitar

Professional Organizations

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Rocky Mountain Association of Plastic Surgeons
  • Biomedical Engineering Society

Certified Trainer

Dr. Azar is a certified speaker and trainer for the following ALLERGAN® products:

  • BOTOX®


  • “Deuling Mother Nature,” Commentary on Endoscopic Mid-Cheek Lift, Los Angeles Magazine, June 2004.
  • “Thousand Oaks Surgical Team Saves County Man’s Arm,” Thousand Oaks Star, July 8, 2003.
  • “The Last Stitch,” coverage of arm replantation case, Plastic Surgery News, January 2004.


  • Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) Engineering in Medicine Section, Engineer of the Year (2006)
  • Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) Engineering in Medicine Section, Outstanding Speaker Award (August 2003)
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society Award, for research presented at the Irwin Lepow research day (1992)
  • Outstanding Resident Teacher Award, University of Arizona (1998 and 2000)
  • James N. Lampman Memorial Chest Radiology Award (April 1994)
  • James C. Cavuoto Undergraduate Scholar Award

Research Experience

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation – Cleveland, Ohio, Department of Otolaryngology and Department of Biomedical Engineering. Head Engineer/Scientist for all collaborative projects (December 1990 – May 1995)

  • Worked closely with ENT surgeons (Drs. Harvey Tucker and Michael Broniatowski) designing experiments, constructing instrumentation, and performing surgeries to test in vivo engineering applications in ENT.
  • Designed and tested special electrodes that block peripheral nerve potentials for the relief of laryngeal and facial spasm, and other dystonias in a model.
  • Performed chronic nerve/muscle pedicle re-innervation surgeries with self-designed neurostimulators for restoration of facial function after facial paralysis.
  • Designed and implemented electronic systems to restore glottic closure and crico-pharyngeal relaxation for the control of aspiration in a model of stroke patients.
  • Collected and analyzed new physiologic data on stimulation, recruitment, and nerve block phenomena applied to the recurrent laryngeal nerve.

Additional Reading

The Applied Neural Control Laboratory – Cleveland, Ohio, C.W.R.U. School of Medicine, Undergraduate Research Scholar

  • Designed systems for phrenic nerve pacing. This design was implanted in actor Christopher Reeves and helped restore his ability to breathe without a ventilator.
  • Worked on design, construction, and testing of non-invasive magnetic brain stimulator prototype used to induce epileptiform activity.

The Rehabilitation Engineering Center – Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland MetroHealth Medical Center.

  • Worked on refinement and theoretical development of a function electrical stimulation system built to restore hand grasp to C4-C6 quadriplegics.
  • Implanted the first working FDA approved unit in the state of Utah, 2002.


  • Laryngoscope Vol. 103, No. 7, July 1993. “Electronic Control of Laryngeal Spasm II Selective Blockage of Glottic Adduction by a Closed-Loop Circuit in the Canine,” Broniatowski M., Azar K., Davies C., Tucker H., Presented at the American Laryngological, Rhinological, and Otological Society meeting, Cleveland, Ohio, January 1992. Presented at the World Congress of Otolaryngology, Istanbul, Turkey, June 23, 1993.
  • American Society for Artificial Internal Organs Vol. 38, NO. 3, July 1992. “Selective Feedback Control of Spastic Musculature in a Canine Model.” Broniatowski M., Azar K., Davies C., Jacobs G., Tucker H. Presented at the 38th annual ASAIO meeting, Nashville, Tennessee, May 7, 1992.
  • Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Vol. 112, No. 3, March 1995. “Electronic Integration of Glottic Closure and Cricopharyngeal Relaxation for the Control of Aspiration.” Broniatowski M., Dessofy R., Azar K., Tucker H. Presented at the American Academy of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 3, 1993.
  • Triological Society “Dynamic Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed Face: IV Independent Coupling of Oral and Ocular Musculature from the Intact Side in the Canine.” Broniatowski M., Dessofy R., Azar K., Trott M., Miller F., Davies R., Tucker H. Presented at the Eastern section of the Triological Society, Ottawa, Canada, January 28, 1994.


  • “The Inventor’s Journey, Understanding the Birth of a Medical Device,” IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Buena Ventura section, August 20, 2003.
  • “How Plastic Surgery Improves Our Lives,” Los Robles Medical Center, August 26, 2003.
  • “Medial Gastrocnemius Vascularized Tendon Flap for Reconstruction of Ruptured Patellar Tendon,” Azar K., Rockwell W.B., Peters C., Research Day, Department of Surgery, University of Utah, June 2001.
  • Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds:
    • “Congenital Thumb Surgery,” November 2001
    • “Craniosynostosis, Head and Neck Embryology,” August 2000
    • “Principles of Myocutaneous Flaps,” October 2000
    • “Physiology of Skin, Composite, Bone, and Cartilage Grafts,” January 2001
    • “Secondary Velopharyngeal Insufficiency,” May 2001
    • “Neuromas and Nerve Grafting Techniques,” May 2001
    • “Breast Reconstruction,” February 2000
    • “Host Response and Infection of Implantable Devices,” January 1999
  • Southern Arizona Trauma Network: Statewide Telecast Trauma Grand Rounds: “Angioembolization of the Proper Hepatic Artery in the Face of Pediatric Liver Trauma,” June 2000.

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