Breast Reduction

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Oversized breasts can make a woman self-conscious and embarrassed, as well as physically uncomfortable. Women with overly large or heavy breasts often experience neck and back pain and bra-strap indentations on their shoulders. breast procedure image Women visit Dr. Azar for breast reduction in Thousand Oaks from Westlake Village, Simi Valley, and Newbury Park because it can significantly improve their quality of life by alleviating this physical and emotional pain.

If you are wondering if breast reduction is right for you, request a consultation with Kouros Azar, M.D., to discuss the possibilities. Or, you can call our office at (805) 373-7073 and one of our knowledgeable, friendly staff members will schedule your appointment.

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The Breasts You Want

Through breast reduction, Dr. Azar makes his patients’ breasts smaller, lighter and more proportionate to the rest of the bodies. The procedure entails incisions being made around the areola (the dark circle of skin surrounding the nipple) and below the natural curve of the breast. Excess fat, glandular tissue and skin are removed, and the remaining skin is tightened around the newly contoured breast. Dr. Azar often uses breast lift techniques in conjunction with breast reduction to provide enhanced shaping.

In some cases, breast reduction surgery is considered to be medically necessary reconstructive surgery, so it may be covered by insurance.

Dr. Kouros Azar
A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Azar develops innovative surgical techniques and is dedicated to providing exceptional outcomes.

Your Recovery & Beyond

Dr. Azar performs breast reduction in a major hospital or surgery center with general anesthetic administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. This outpatient procedure generally lasts 3 hours.

Many women find breast reduction especially rewarding, as their breasts are smaller and lighter right away. After initial swelling and bruising subsides, the breast shape will gradually become more rounded and youthful looking. While experiences vary, patients typically return to work after 2 weeks and resume strenuous exercise after about a month.