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Elevai Exosome in Thousand Oaks, CA

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Naturally Boost How Your Body Heals

Natural stem cell populations are highest in young skin and serve as a protective barrier. Because there are more stem cells in youthful skin, it is better able to stave off the effects of time.

Scars that take longer to heal are an outward sign of how unresponsive our body’s natural repair mechanisms become with age. Now we have a product that can bring back the regenerative mechanisms from our youth. It fall under the new category of Biostimulatory Products.

What is ELEVAI Exosome?

The ELEVAI product line was created to aid in the recovery of the skin following medical procedures as well as to provide everyday maintenance. Exosomes, which are nanoparticle compartments that are extremely small yet filled with growth elements that are beneficial to skin health, are included in both products. The patent-pending ELEVAI ExosomeTM mimics nature's sophisticated repair process and works in tandem with a range of high-quality active ingredients to promote regeneration of all skin types.

What are exosomes?

Exosomes, short for extracellular vesicles, are nano-vesicles secreted by stem cells. Nanovesicles, like those found in exosomes, have been shown to penetrate deeper, absorb more readily, and shield the skin-care activities they contain from environmental damage.

Exosomes are able to enter the skin and act similarly to the body's own mending mechanisms. Skin damage and extrinsic aging caused by exposure to daily aggressors like pollution and UVA/UVB can benefit from exosomes, encouraging enhanced blood flow as well as stimulating collagen and elastin formation to reveal rejuvenated skin from the inside out.

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Elevai ExosomeTM is a skincare product designed for use throughout your post-operative period and is accessible to patients at Azar Plastic Surgery & Med Spa. Make an appointment now to find out more about the life-changing benefits of ELEVAI ExosomeTM.

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