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Add volume and smooth away wrinkles with Radiesse. Radiesse is a dermal injection that adds a youthful appearance by virtually erasing the fine lines and wrinkles that form around the mouth, nose, chin, and midface. Radiesse can also be administered to restore lost facial volume and sculpt the facial features. Radiesse also effectively reverses the signs of aging in the hands by adding volume to the backs of the hands. This will reduce the appearance of bones and ligaments to restore a more youthful hand appearance.

Results with Radiesse last for nine to fifteen months. Patients can extend the results of their rejuvenation with Radiesse by scheduling touch-up appointments with Dr. Azar for long-term improvement.

The main ingredient in Radiesse is calcium hydroxylapatite, a component that occurs naturally in our teeth and bones. Due to the fact that calcium hydroxylapatite stimulates collagen production within the body, Radiesse naturally improves the amount of collagen in the skin. This will add volume long-term and extend the results of Radiesse.

Radiesse is administered in a convenient, twenty-minute treatment session. You can revive your appearance and get right back to your day, with Radiesse.

Stop your facial aging in its tracks with Radiesse. If you’re ready to say hello to a more youthful you, schedule a private consultation for Radiesse today!