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Injectables are a series of cosmetic treatments designed to reverse the effects of aging and restore a youthful appearance. Injectables, as a category, have been steadily increasing in popularity in the 21st century due to advances in the science of skin treatments.

Time Is on Our Side with Injectables

Aging skin can lose the hallmarks of youth; taut skin loosens, our smooth face becomes imprinted by fine lines and wrinkles, and the fullness of our features evaporates as our skin dries and loses its underlying structure. A lot of us want to reverse the signs of aging that affect our skin. However, many people prefer non-surgical options.

Follow our blog to keep updated on the latest in injectables and other aesthetic procedures. Injectables offer us an effective, minimally invasive solution. If you want to learn more about how injectables can treat the effects of aging, the best source is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon who is an expert in aesthetic procedures as well as human facial anatomy. Kouros Azar, M.D. contributes to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most respected surgical societies that specialize in anti-aging.

Dr. Azar combines his surgical expertise with the vision of an artist to stay at the vanguard of aesthetic procedures. He tailors each aesthetic treatment to the individual. If you'd like to learn about which injectables might serve your needs, fill out a contact form or give us a call at our Thousand Oaks office: (805) 373-7073. For your convenience, virtual consultations are now available to meet your schedule and preferences.

About Injectables in Thousand Oaks California

Aging causes many unwelcome side-effects.

On top of that, sun exposure can increase and accelerate the worst effects of aging (photoaging). Photoaging is the primary external cause of aging in our bodies.[1] In addition, we lose some bone and some fat from our faces over time as well. Let’s get time back on our side. With injectables, we can restore the volume to our face, smooth over the creases and wrinkles, and polish our skin to refresh that youthful luminosity.

Thousand Oaks injectables model with blonde hair

What Do Injectables Do?

With their ability to restore many of the qualities of our faces that time erodes, injectables might seem like magic.

But they aren’t magic; they simply take advantage of the way aging affects our skin and treats those effects. To understand injectables, we must look at the three components of skin: Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. Collagen and elastin are integral parts of our skin. Elastin is a protein that forms the connective tissue of our skin. Elastin is the key component to keeping our skin tight and smooth. Collagen is a protein that composes the underlying structure of our skin. Collagen keeps our skin looking full of life. As we age, collagen and elastin production decreases, which loosen our skin and makes our faces appear gaunter and more haggard.

Fine lines and wrinkles appear on our faces from a variety of causes. Injectables aim to correct the various effects of aging. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is what gives the skin cells their volume and is a hydrophilic or “water-loving” molecule. HA has become a common ingredient in moisturizers but we use the high grade, medical HA for injection to restore volume to the mid-face, lips, jawline, tear trough, nasolabial folds, and many other areas of the face. The HA products come in various forms for different uses on the face and are outlined below.

Injectable Benefits

  • Helps balance facial asymmetries
  • Erases the fine lines drawn by time
  • Enhances the contouring of the face
  • Restores the facial volume lost during the years
  • Floods the skin with the regenerative proteins that have dried up over time
  • Relaxes facial muscles to protect the face against the formation of tension wrinkles
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Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for injectables want to reverse visible signs of aging to help rejuvenate their appearance.

Candidates typically want to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, restore lost facial volume to their cheeks and midface and improve their facial contours for a more striking appearance. Ideally, candidates do not smoke and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They should commit to a healthy skincare regimen. It’s also important to hold realistic expectations. While the results of injectables might seem miraculous, they still have limits. Discuss your expectations with Dr. Azar during your consultation and he will explain what each injectable can achieve. Thousand Oaks injectables provider, Dr. Azar, specializes in conservative but natural results and is able to perform the injections with a high degree of precision and minimal to no discomfort.

Thousand Oaks injectables model with brown hair

Your Private Consultation

You are more than a customer to Dr. Azar.

He views all his patients as trusted companions whom he helps in their quest for aesthetic fulfillment. He’s committed to providing you with the most reliable and accurate information. To best help you achieve your vision for yourself, Dr. Azar will thoroughly review your medical history, answer all your questions, and discuss how to best achieve your desired result. He will recommend the best procedures to meet your goals, not the most profitable procedures.

The power of injectables lies in the ability to customize their use to each individual. Some individuals may benefit from Botox while others might need Kybella injections to meet their goals. During your consultation for injectables Thousand Oaks plastic surgeon, Dr. Azar, will recommend which treatment can best create the natural-looking results you seek. When devising a treatment strategy, it’s important to take into account many factors such as facial shape, bone structure and skin texture.[2] Injectables aren’t something you can DIY in your kitchen.

Additional Reading

Dr. Azar is a certified speaker and trainer of both Botox and the Juvederm line of dermal fillers. He was instrumental in introducing Voluma to the Southern California market and has trained dozens of providers in this new technique. As such, he possesses both the expertise and knowledge to select the most suitable injectables for your facial features. Connect with Dr. Azar and discover the remarkable benefits of injectables by calling our office in Thousand Oaks at (805) 373-7073 or reach out online by filling out a contact form. If you’d like to get to know Dr. Azar better, watch his video introduction and the testimonials of a few of his patients. 

Injectable Procedures


The most popular and well-known injectable, Botox has withstood the tests of time. Botox was the first neuromodulator that treats wrinkles and creases in the upper face. Many lines and wrinkles in the upper face result from muscle tension. Neuromodulators work by relaxing facial muscles and preventing them from tensing up. Botox is extremely safe and has a long track record on the market as the leading wrinkle injectable.

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One of the newer injectables, Jeuveau is a neuromodulator in the same vein as Botox. Jeuveau (touted in marketing campaigns as “newtox”) uses a different formulation that synergizes better with some people’s biochemistry than Botox. It seems to have a faster onset than Botox and is a great alternative for people who would like to try something different than Botox.

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers focus on restoring volume and smoothing your facial features. But each one uses a different formula suited for different areas and conditions of the face. Dermal fillers work by literally filling the gaps left behind by decreased collagen and elastin production. They restore facial volume, smooth fine lines, and help your face achieve the fullness of youth.

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Juvederm Ultra XC & Ultra Plus XC

Juvederm is Allergan, Inc’s venerable line of dermal fillers, first approved by the FDA in 2006. Juvederm uses hyaluronic acid which helps hydrate the skin. Allergan formulated Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC to specifically treat the lips. They fill out thin lips and create a fuller, more voluptuous result.

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Juvederm Volbella

Juvederm Volbella was formulated to primarily treat the perioral lines around the lips. Perioral lines are the fine lines that form around the lips and mouth. Like most facial creases, both genetic disposition and sun exposure can create perioral lines. However, they are commonly called “smoker’s lines” because smoking greatly increases the possibility of these wrinkles forming. Volbella helps erase these lines. Volbella is also used under the eyes in the area often referred to as a “tear trough” to reduce the appearance of a hollow lower eyelid. It is the most delicate and precise of the filler family of products.

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Juvederm Vollure

Another injectable from Juvederm’s well-established product line, Vollure treats moderate to severe facial wrinkles. In particular, Vollure remedies the so-called “parenthesis lines” that form around the mouth and nose to create a smoother appearance. Dr. Azar also uses Vollure in the midface as an alternative to Voluma for patients with a thin frame or thinner skin.

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Juvederm Voluma XC

Juvederm Voluma XC specializes in restoring volume to the cheeks. Doctors refer to this area as the midfacial region. Losing volume in the cheeks and midfacial area is a common side-effect of aging and one that many patients want to correct. Voluma XC effectively volumizes the midfacial region. Voluma is our flagship rejuvenation product which lifts the midface reducing the appearance of jowling and midface flattening. The results are extremely natural. Dr. Azar will recommend just the right amount of product to achieve the results you desire without over filling or making your face look “done”.

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Juvederm Volux

Juvederm Volux is a hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler that was designed to enhance the jawline and chin. Volux has a thick, gel-like texture that provides a firm, stable appearance and feel. It is highly effective for adding definition to the jawline and addressing jowls and sagging by adding volume in areas of laxity.

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Radiesse is usually used to treat the lower to mid-facial region. Radiesse uses calcium microspheres to restore the structure that supports healthy skin. We recommend Radiesse for smoothing the nasolabial folds, which are also called “smile” or “laugh” lines. Radiesse can also work to reinvigorate sunken cheeks and to augment the chin.

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Kybella improves your facial contours and enhances your silhouette. At the moment, Kybella stands as the only treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration to eliminate fat deposits underneath the chin. However, as an off-label use with the patient’s consent, Kybella can be used to dissolve fat on other problem areas of the body.

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SKINVIVE is one of the newest products from Juvéderm. It is the first and only FDA-cleared hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable introduced in the United States. Specially formulated to give the cheeks a smoother contour, SKINVIVE instantly boosts skin hydration—the secret to a plump, radiant complexion. Since the tiny microdroplets give the product a fluid consistency, SKINVIVE achieves a harmonious transition between the treated and non-treated areas, which means no one will be able to tell what you’ve had done.

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The best results from injectables come from matching the correct product with a patient’s unique anatomy and possessing the expertise to know how and where to inject.[3] During your consultation, Dr. Azar will use the latest in 3D Vectra imaging software to show you a preview of your results. This will help you visualize the results achieved by the treatments selected. You can also read our patient reviews to get a feel for how dedicated Dr. Azar is to achieving the best results possible for all his patients.

How Much Do Injectables Cost in Thousand Oaks?

The price of injectables varies depending on which injectables you select and how many injections are needed. Financing options are available if you prefer to pay in installments. Specials are also available for new patients.

Injectables Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Cosmetic Injectables Last?

The duration of injectables depends on how each specific injectable interacts with an individual’s unique biochemistry. Everyone’s body metabolizes different compounds at different rates. Some injectables such as Botox and Jeuveau will last 3-5 months on some patients while fillers can last from 6 months to 2 years or more. The duration of the product “lasting” is also volume-dependent similar to a gas tank in a car. The more volume is injected, the longer it will persist. Dr. Azar will help you determine what is the optimal amount. In general, we recommend filler check-up appointments every six months to assess the amount of volume maintenance to keep you looking youthful.


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