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What is RF Microneedling?

RF microneedling, or radiofrequency microneedling, is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. It’s a great way to keep your skin plump and youthful well into the future, while getting some immediate benefits like increased brightness, better texture, and an overall healthier complexion. If you’re looking for a safe, easy, non-invasive procedure to maintain youthful, vibrant skin as you age, RF microneedling may be just the treatment for you!

At Azar Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, we offer RF microneedling procedures with the most comfortable experience and the best results possible. The treatment is quick, so you’ll be in and out of our office in less than an hour, and free to return to your daily routine. No prolonged downtime or recovery is required! When you’re ready to try RF microneedling for yourself, get in touch with us and schedule a personal consultation — and enjoy a younger-looking complexion for years to come. You can reach our offices in Thousand Oaks by calling (805) 373-7073, or filling out a convenient online form.

All About RF Microneedling

RF microneedling works to stimulate collagen production, which is the protein that keeps your skin soft, strong, and youthful. At around age 25, collagen in the skin is at its peak, but from there production begins to decline, weakening the skin, and causing it to sag and develop wrinkles. What causes the differences between a plump, youthful face and a wrinkled one? Collagen! Needless to say, slowing down that collagen loss by helping the body produce more is key to keeping naturally younger-looking skin

Microneedling is one of the best ways to do just that. It works by puncturing the skin with extremely small, fine needles, creating micro-wounds that kickstart your body’s natural healing process. This causes an increase in blood flow to the area, which in turn stimulates more regenerative processes and contributes to better skin elasticity. On its own, microneedling can be extremely effective, but when it’s combined with radiofrequency, the results are even better! In RF microneedling, radiofrequency waves are sent through the small puncture wounds created by the needles, creating a thermal effect that further stimulates the body’s healing process. And, that’s a good thing! It means your skin is hard at work repairing and replacing damaged cells. 

RF microneedling is a unique procedure because it combines time-tested and proven new technology. Standard microneedling has been around for many years as a go-to treatment, but the addition of radiofrequency is a relatively new procedure in the world of skin cosmetics. The two make an effective combination, not only for general signs of skin aging, but also for more specific issues like acne scars.(1) Both treatments have been FDA-approved, have an excellent safety profile, and when used together, they can give your skin a powerful two-pronged attack to slow down the aging process. In the skilled hands of a professional, RF microneedling can deliver revolutionary results for your skin that simply weren’t possible in the past.

One course of RF microneedling treatment typically contains 3-4 separate sessions several weeks apart. Completing multiple sessions leads to the best results, and the gap in between gives your skin plenty of time to recover, eliminating any possibility of over-injuring or irritation. While we encourage multiple treatments over the years to keep your skin fresh and youthful, even one treatment is enough to see results! 

The Ideal Candidate 

Because RF microneedling is so simple and minimally invasive, most patients are great candidates, regardless of their age or skin type. Plus, you don’t need to take time off of work or school to get the procedure done — you can come in for a quick microneedling session at our office whenever it fits your schedule.

Many patients opt for RF microneedling because they want excellent cosmetic results without having to dive into treatments like Botox, laser resurfacing, or dermal fillers. Others are looking to improve the appearance of light acne scarring, fine wrinkles, and more. We also have many younger patients primarily focused on preventing or slowing down the aging process. Some are looking for all of the above benefits!

Whatever your reason is for choosing RF microneedling, you can get excited about great results — but it’s important to come in with realistic expectations. While the treatment is designed to slow the aging process, it won’t completely halt or reverse it. And, if you’re looking to improve the appearance of pronounced wrinkles, severe sagging, or deep scarring, other procedures may be more suitable. Treatments like laser treatments, or even a facelift are available to help out with more pronounced signs of aging. To learn more about the other services we offer, take a look at Dr. Azar’s blog!

Added Benefits

The main purpose of RF microneedling is to stimulate collagen production, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other benefits that come with it. Here’s a look at what else this procedure can offer for your skin’s health and appearance: 

  • Better Hydration 
  • Reduced Scarring 
  • Smaller Pores
  • Less Hyperpigmentation 
  • A More Even Skin Tone
  • Increased Firmness


Like any cosmetic procedure, it’s important to prepare beforehand to make sure you get the best experience and results possible. Here are the essential steps to follow leading up to your RF microneedling treatment: 

  • Before your procedure, try to avoid alcohol as it can cause bruising following the treatment.
  • Inform the clinic about any health conditions and medications (prescription and non-prescription). 
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen in the week leading up to your treatment. 
  • If you’re taking isotretinoin (Accutane), you must stop the medication at least 6 months before any microneedling treatment. 


Going into your RF microneedling treatment, you can rest assured each session will be quick and easy. In fact, many people get it done during their lunch hour! And if you’re worried about discomfort, don’t be — the needles used are so small that they’re virtually pain-free. Just in case, a numbing cream will be applied before the session to make sure you’re completely comfortable. 

Dr. Azar offers RF microneedling using Cutera’s Secret RF Micro-Needling system to perform the procedure. The device sets the microneedles at a precise length so they don’t penetrate the skin any further than necessary. 

Your microneedling technician will make sure your entire face is evenly treated with these collagen-stimulating micro-wounds. If you have specific concerns like acne scars, she’ll focus more of the attention on those areas. After about 15 minutes, you’ll be all done! 

After RF Microneedling

Immediately following your procedure, you can return to your daily routine without skipping a beat. The only thing you may notice is redness similar to a light sunburn, which will fade after several hours. 

After a microneedling session, the tiny puncture wounds make your skin extremely sensitive and prone to infection, so it’s essential you take extra steps to care for it. Avoid touching your face, and stay out of the sun as much as possible to prevent UV damage. Don’t apply makeup until 24 hours post-treatment, and for the following week, stay away from skincare products like harsh face washes, serums, retinol, and anything including alcohol (often labeled as ethanol) as an ingredient. It’s also important to moisturize regularly as your skin heals. 


In just a few days, you might spot a few initial changes in your skin such as improved smoothness and brightness. Friends, family, and co-workers may notice a positive change, too. However, the real results won’t be visible until about 4 to 6 months after the treatment as the body heals the micro-injuries and produces more collagen. Those results will only continue to improve in the future.(2)

To reap the full benefits of RF microneedling, it’s recommended you get regular treatments at evenly spaced intervals. A treatment every 12 months is optimal, but any number of treatments will help to compound your results and keep your skin looking its very best. 

How Much Does RF Microneedling Cost?

Considering the technology involved, RF microneedling is an affordable skin-care treatment, and the long-term results make it a great value. The total price of your RF microneedling treatments will depend on the areas that you’ve chosen to treat, and the number of sessions required to achieve your desired results. 

We believe everyone deserves to feel the lasting confidence that comes with bright, vibrant, youthful skin. Whatever your budget, age, or skin-type, the professionals at our practice will do everything in our power to bring you the outcome you’re looking for. Contact us today to see if RF microneedling is right for you. You can schedule your personal consultation at our Thousand Oaks offices by calling (805) 373-7073.

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