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most brilliant and artistic plastic surgeon

5.0 stars - Written onJanuary 3, 2020

Dr Azar is by far the most brilliant and artistic plastic surgeon I’ve had the pleasure to meet. His staff will make you feel like family- friendly, caring, and professional. I’ve had many consultations with different plastic surgeons (Beverly Hills, Westlake, even NYC) over the last three years, but I’ve never felt as comfortable and confident with a doctors abilities as I did when I met Dr. Azar. I was in a motorcycle accident five years ago, and had a 12″ by 3″ size gap between my abdominal muscles, and needed complete abdominal reconstructive surgery. I’m a competitive bodybuilder so this massive gap, most similar looking to diastases recti, prevented me from attaining any type of symmetrical look throughout my core and mid-section. It was also painful due to weakened abdominal muscle tissue and scar tissue, which also caused lower back pain. My belly button was also out of place from the gap. Dr. Azar was extremely diligent in the pre-op process. He ran blood work, and made sure there weren’t any pre-existing conditions that would make the surgery dangerous. My blood work actually showed my hemoglobin and RBC count was elevated, so he made arrangements for me to see a specialist. Putting patients health first, Dr Azar erred on the side of caution and delayed the surgery until it went down, which it did about six weeks after the original surgery date. Dr. Azar leaves no stone unturned, and even did an MRI to see exactly what he’ll be working with. Long story short, I never expected the results to be as good as they were, and neither did my kids and family! I thought I was going to be stuck with at least some small gap, but not a trace! Dr. Azar was by my side at the hospital while I was recovering, and made himself available to speak during hours he was off. All follow-up appointments were included in the fee, and and there’s no limit to your follow-up appointments, which I experienced with other doctors. The staff needs to be mentioned again. I worked mostly with Vanessa, Lisa, and Morgan. They genuinely care about their patients. No BS, no rudeness, straight up good people, and good souls (there’s more staff but I didn’t have enough time with them to say any more than they’re professional and kind). The office is relaxing, clean, and by far the nicest doctor office I’ve been to. I sincerely can’t say enough good things about this group. Once you meet them you’ll immediately know what I mean. Dr Azar seems to be able to accomplish the impossible for his patients. I have no more pain from the scar tissue, my lower back pain is gone, and I’m not embarrassed to show my stomach anymore. Im very fortunate to have found him, and if you’re considering any type of plastic surgery, just go here first and save yourself some time.


Best surgeon ever!

5.0 stars - Written onSeptember 27, 2019

Best surgeon ever. I travel all the way from Arizona just to get whatever beauty treatments I need. Worth my travel. Very skilled and caring doctor, Dr Azar and staff.


He is very clear about the type of results that can be expected

5.0 stars - Written onJuly 10, 2019

What I like most about Dr. Azar is his honesty. He is very clear about the type of results that can be expected so that you understand what results you will get for your money. He clearly cares that you will be satisfied with your results.


He will take care of you and you will be super happy with your results!!

5.0 stars - Written onJune 25, 2019

I am a male and looked around to get gyno surgery and chose Dr. Azar’s office because of my first over the phone contact with Lisa. She was the nicest on the phone and actually sounded interested in my concern. Other places I called were either just rude or just didn’t seem interested. I scheduled my surgery right now and now it has been 3 months. I am so happy with my results and everyone in the office was super helpful and just nice all the way around. The staff and Dr. Azar are very welcoming and I would encourage any male looking to get gyno surgery to come here. He will take care of you and you will be super happy with your results!!


I LOVE Dr. Azar and his entire staff

5.0 stars - Written onJune 25, 2019

I LOVE Dr. Azar and his entire staff is caring and efficient. It really is a wonderful environment and I have been so happy with every procedure I have had done there !!


Thank you, Dr. Azar, for giving me back the confidence I thought I had lost.

5.0 stars - Written onJune 24, 2019

I met with Dr Azar for a quote on a tummy tuck. He took the time to get to know me and what my outcome expectations were. He explained what the procedure would entail and what how long the recovery process would take. On the day of surgery, I was so nervous that I had tears in my eyes. Dr. Azar and his medical staff assured me that everything would be OK. I have to be honest: the recovery was very rough, as I had expected. Dr. Azar and his team were so supportive and caring. They were by my side every step. I am so happy with my results! I highly recommend Dr. Azar to anyone seeking a tummy tuck or any other plastic surgery.


Compassionate and thoughtful

5.0 stars - Written onApril 24, 2019

Dr. Azar was recommended to me by two of my doctors when I needed a medical procedure that would require some plastics work. When I went in to meet with him he was compassionate and thoughtful and gave me all the time that I needed to ask questions before deciding if the procedure was right for me. I had the surgery and could not be more pleased with the support and his expert hand. I can’t compliment Dr. Azar and his team more. It is clear that he cares about each of his patient’s outcomes and will do what is needed to make sure that the outcome is realized. Can’t recommend him more.


Thank you for a very good experience.

5.0 stars - Written onJanuary 31, 2019

Vanessa, the doctor’s assistant, responded to my email calls and questions with thorough and patient driven to protect our interests, and once completed, there was no office wait. The office is very clean and state of the art. Dr. Azar’s staff was friendly and when they consulted with me, showed compassion and understanding about my needs and goals. Dr. Azar was very kind, friendly and had a nice bed-side manner, very important for providing a comfort level to the patient who is about to receive treatment. I felt he fully understood my concerns and wanted to provide the maximum affect for my budget. This was indeed achieved.


I 100% recommend Dr. Azar and his staff!

5.0 stars - Written onJanuary 17, 2019

Best surgeon and staff ever!!! Best professional office or medical office with the most courteous, helpful staff to address any/all questions or concerns. Dr. Azar is a perfectionist and delivers as promised.


I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Azar to anyone.

5.0 stars - Written onDecember 22, 2018

I saw Dr. Azar for a consult. Mine is a complicated situation regarding past surgeries and current issues and I knew it might be an issue. Another doctor I went to previously for an assessment had promised me the moon and never mentioned the possible complications due to my health situation. However Dr. Azar patiently explained the issues and although we choose not to proceed with the procedures, I enjoyed my experience at the office. I am very appreciative of his honesty and gentle manner and his emphasis on the health of his patients and not just making a sale.


I trust Dr. Azar completely!

5.0 stars - Written onDecember 9, 2018

I trusted you with my FACE. What else can I say?!?


I wouldn’t change a thing!

5.0 stars - Written onNovember 28, 2018

Dr. Azar & his staff are amazing! So personable, knowledgeable. I love the fact that Dr. Azar spends time with you & gives you his undivided attention! Just phenom!!!


Dr. Azar was very thoughtful.

5.0 stars - Written onNovember 12, 2018

I really liked the fact that my husband was included in the discussion during my appointment and that things about the procedure were explained to him as well as to me.


I felt very comfortable with Dr. Azar.

5.0 stars - Written onOctober 19, 2018

I was very impressed by my recent visit to Dr. Azar’s office recently. My first impression was the office was clean and inviting. The staff were courteous, friendly, and very respectful to me, and other patients who came in while I was waiting to be seen. Before, during, and after my procedure, each step was clearly explained, and I felt very comfortable with what to expect. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to Dr. Azar, in fact I already have. Thank you for taking care of me.


I highly recommend Dr. Azar.

5.0 stars - Written onOctober 3, 2018

I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Azar’s office. The staff was so friendly and accommodating. Dr. Azar spent a considerable amount of time explaining the procedures and answering all my questions. He is very meticulous and has an exemplary aesthetic eye.


I was amazed at how nice and understanding the staff were!

5.0 stars - Written onSeptember 26, 2018

My visit was very pleasant. Dr. Azar met with me on a Sunday. He was very accomidating. I am a busy actress and it’s hard to sneak away. He understood my need. I was amazed at how nice and understanding the staff were with my need for privacy . Dr. Azar made me feel extremely comfortable in every way. The office is absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to my next visit.


I don’t think I’ve ever looked better, thank you Dr. Azar!

5.0 stars - Written onSeptember 19, 2018

Ever since my last visit I seriously find myself starring in the mirror for the first time ever thinking, “I LOVE MY FACE!!” I don’t think I’ve ever looked better, felt more confident and gotten so many compliments. I feel so blessed to have met Kouros years ago and to have such an amazing team to help me stay young and more beautiful than ever!


One never feels like a “number” in Dr. Azar’s office.

5.0 stars - Written onSeptember 1, 2018

Dr. Kouros is the nicest doctor that I have ever known, and his staff reflects his wonderful kindness and caring. Dr. Kouros wants more than anything for the patient to feel important and their needs and wants to be understood, and he tirelessly works to help them to understand all the options that they have. He cares about the long-range effects of any procedure, and the good health and safety and happiness of his patients are his prime concern. He NEVER rushes his patients, and he has given me all the time I needed in order to make the best decisions for myself. Dr. Kouros truly cares about the welfare of his patients. We are all very lucky to have such a wonderful, talented, conscientious doctor in our midst.


The level of customer service here is always great!

5.0 stars - Written onAugust 25, 2018

I’ve been going to Dr. Azar for the last 2.5 years now and have to drive from Newport Beach. I make the drive because I trust his services and the level of customer service is always great. I have recommended Dr. Azar to friends and family and will continue to recommend him as well as Nancy and Christie who do the facials.


A discreet and caring Doctor.

5.0 stars - Written onAugust 4, 2018

Excellent office. Dr. Azar is a wonderful Dr. Calm caring demeanor puts you at ease to discuss any concerns. I had a positive experience start to finish for my breast reduction procedure.”


I love Dr. Azar and his wonderful staff!

5.0 stars - Written onJuly 20, 2018

He has taken years off me with the laser, Botox and Juvederm.


Dr. Azar was with me from beginning to end, and made sure I was ok.

5.0 stars - Written onJuly 14, 2018

Dr. Azar explained everything to me and eased my anxiety. I can’t thank him and his staff enough for the excellent treatment over encountered throughout my surgery and treatment. He is a highly skilled and compassionate physician whom I will go back to see and refer my friends and family. Dr. Azar is highly recommended! Thank you again!!!!!


Dr. Azar is the only one I trust completely.

5.0 stars - Written onJuly 2, 2018

When it comes to my face and any elective changes, Dr. Azar is the only one I trust completely. I’ve had Botox, Juvaderm and an eye lid surgery and I am absolutely happy with the results.


I am very impressed with Dr. Azar’s graciousness and integrity.

5.0 stars - Written onJune 23, 2018

What a wonderful doctor is Dr. Azar, and his team is so nice and helpful. Dr. Azar is so knowledgeable and informed on the very latest procedures and the myriad of techniques about each one. He is very thorough and takes the time to explain everything his patients want to know. He spends as much time as the patient needs, and he is a very kind and thoughtful human being and plastic surgeon.


Dr. Azar is a true artist.

5.0 stars - Written onJune 11, 2018

The result of my face/neck lift is NOT a change in my looks, but a fantastic reversal of the clock. I look like I did 10+ years ago. I’ve known some women who look closely at the results of their cosmetic surgery (other doctor’s) and say “I wish he/she had done more/less here or there.” Not with Dr. Azar; I wouldn’t change anything. The results are perfect. I was a bit apprehensive about the recovery — the pain and how long I’d have to be out of view. The pain — what pain? Just a short period of post-surgery discomfort. And I was back working and travelling on business in just a couple of weeks. I’ve recommended other women — and men — to him and will continue to do so.


I am THRILLED BEYOND WORDS at my results!

5.0 stars - Written onMay 30, 2018

I had an accident which left me with a scar and a dent in my forehead. I was self conscious and unhappy, thinking I would have to spend the rest of my life, looking like this. Dr Azar was recommended to me by a close family friend, and after conferring with him, decided to have scar revision surgery, along with muscle repair, where he re-attached the muscles. It has now been 6 weeks, and I am THRILLED BEYOND WORDS at the end result. He is a GENIUS !!!! I would never go to any other plastic surgeon — he is like an artist — very precise, accurate, and totally makes you feel that “you’re in good hands.” The entire office staff is friendly and professional, and this whole experience has been positive and one of great happiness.


Dr. Azar and his entire staff are warm and friendly.

5.0 stars - Written onMay 16, 2018

From my very first contact with Dr. Azar’s office I was totally put at ease. I had many questions and they were all answered in a friendly and very informative way. Each appointment has exceeded my expectations. The office is beautiful and inviting and Dr. Azar and his entire staff is warm and friendly. They explained everything in detail, answered all my questions in terms I could easily understand and offered information on issues I hadn’t even thought to ask. They were also very helpful in discussing financial options. I have and will continue to highly recommend Dr. Azar for any cosmetic needs.


Dr Azar was wonderful!

5.0 stars - Written onMay 4, 2018

I called on Wednesday and was so happy to be seen on Thursday. Dr Azar was wonderful and really addressed my concerns.


Call this Doctor right away!

5.0 stars - Written onApril 26, 2018

Amazing doctor, amazing staff!


Dr. Azar and his staff are the best!

5.0 stars - Written onApril 11, 2018

Dr. Azar and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and made my experience there feel warm and welcoming.


Very kind and patient.

5.0 stars - Written onApril 5, 2018

“Dr. Azar was very kind and explained things to me directly.


My experience with Dr. Azar was professional and pleasant.

5.0 stars - Written onMarch 27, 2018

My visit was perhaps different from a visit for cosmetic purposes. I was having sutures removes from a wound and repair thereof from a week ago. No big deal. There would be no grand anticipation when the bandage removal took place (“You look totally different. You look beautiful!”) For me, and I suspect others like me, scars are a part of life. Nevertheless, my experience with Kouros, from ER to sutures removal, was professional and, dare I say, nearly pleasant. Thanks for the good work.


Dr Azar is a great plastic surgeon!

5.0 stars - Written onMarch 18, 2018

This office is wonderful and amazing. Dr Azar is a great plastic surgeon, and we do plan to use him for things down the road when we need them.


A kind and caring Doctor

5.0 stars - Written onMarch 7, 2018

I thought Dr. Azar was very nice and explained everything very clearly in a way that was easily understood. My son (it was his appointment) thought Dr. Azar “is really intelligent and found it interesting that Dr. Azar went to the same college as him.”


Dr Azar did a great job!

5.0 stars - Written onFebruary 27, 2018

I love my juvederm Voluma fills.


I look forward in working with Dr. Azar in the future.

5.0 stars - Written onFebruary 19, 2018

The initial consult was very informative and non-pressure. Dr. Azar & his Staff took the time to answer my questions and explain my options.


Dr. Azar is the best Doctor.

5.0 stars - Written onFebruary 7, 2018

Always calm and collected and very professional.


Dr. Azar helped me feel comfortable.

5.0 stars - Written onJanuary 24, 2018

When I called to make the appointment, everyone I spoke with was helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. Azar gave me as much time as I needed to understand and feel comfortable with everything.


I recommend Dr. Azar to all!

5.0 stars - Written onJanuary 16, 2018

Loved the experience..looking forward to my procedures that are first treatment of botox was an experience people notice a small change but not sure what it is….I will recommend to all and enjoyed the open house…..thank you


I felt a great deal of confidence in Dr. Azar.

5.0 stars - Written onJanuary 6, 2018

The staff was very cheerful and friendly. I felt that a great deal of confidence in Dr. Azar. I felt he really understood me, and what I wanted. Additionally, he was conservative. I want my procedures to look natural, and he assists me in goal.


Everyone made me feel very special!

5.0 stars - Written onDecember 20, 2017

Thank you so much for letting me be your model at your event. Everyone made me feel very special. I will only see Dr. Azar for any other cosmetic procedures, and will refer him to all of my family and friends!!


The best Doctor I have found.

5.0 stars - Written onDecember 11, 2017

Very professional, and informative. I would recommend Dr. Azar to everyone!


The staff was always helpful and friendly.

5.0 stars - Written onDecember 2, 2017

From the day I walked in to make my consultation appointment, to the actual day of my consultation, the staff has been very helpful and friendly. I feel that I left with a better understand of my expectations, and what can realistically be done. Dr. Azar made me feel very comfortable, especially since this is a huge decision to make. My husband and I are excited to get the process going.


Thank you for all your help.

5.0 stars - Written onNovember 22, 2017

I appreciate Dr. Azar’s personal attention.


I was extremely impressed with Dr. Azar’s personal approach.

5.0 stars - Written onNovember 8, 2017

All staff members were friendly, knowledgable and gracious. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Azar’s personal approach to my medical needs, as well as his patient ability to provide thorough, detailed information, explanation and with superb kindness. This doctor is impeccable in every way and I’m gratified and thankful for his time and care.


You are the best!!!

5.0 stars - Written onOctober 29, 2017

Everyone at Dr. Azar’s office goes above and beyond any expectations.


Thanks for Everything!

5.0 stars - Written onOctober 21, 2017

I am already seeing the results in the mirror and it makes me very happy! Thanks for the professionalism in all areas.


Dr. Azar made sure to understand my needs.

5.0 stars - Written onOctober 12, 2017

I didn’t expect the appointment to last as long as it did (about an hour). I wish every doctor would spend the amount of time Dr. Azar and his staff spent throughly explaining the different options and procedures and making sure to understand my needs.


Dr Azar does work that I trust.

5.0 stars - Written onOctober 1, 2017

I have been a patent of Dr. Azar’s for a number of years and couldn’t be happier with everything we have accomplished.


Dr. Azar ranks 1000 in my book!

5.0 stars - Written onSeptember 26, 2017

I have and always refer friends to Dr. Azar to send him patients. He ranks 1000 in my book, and his entire staff is at the top with him.


I am very fortunate to have met Dr. Azar

5.0 stars - Written onSeptember 17, 2017

I am so pleased to have my facial laceration injury to be worked on by such a talented doctor. I am very fortunate.


Dr Azar was informative and gentle.

5.0 stars - Written onSeptember 5, 2017

My experience was excellent, even better than I anticipated. Dr Azar was informative and gentle. I would definitely come back for more procedures when the time warrants.


Dr. Azar was very good to me.

5.0 stars - Written onAugust 25, 2017

I am very pleased with Dr Azar and will certainly recommend him to friends.


Very knowledgable and helpful in all aspects.

5.0 stars - Written onAugust 11, 2017

Every experience has been exceptional, both with Dr. Azar and his staff.


Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

5.0 stars - Written onAugust 2, 2017

I like the staff, Dr. Azar and what is offered at the practice. I like it so much so that I’ve referred two friends and my sister in law. Keep up the EXCELLENT work! See all of you very soon.


Thank you Dr. Azar, for your kind attention.

5.0 stars - Written onJuly 28, 2017

I would personally like to thank the staff for making me feel totally at ease and comfortable at my first time in your office.


I am glad I met Dr. Azar and his team.

5.0 stars - Written onJuly 19, 2017

Everyone is so friendly and makes us feel special.


I had an excellent experience!

5.0 stars - Written onJuly 12, 2017

Overall I had an excellent experience. Dr. Azar and the staff are welcoming and helpful. I would highly recommend.


You’re the best, Dr. Azar!!!!!

5.0 stars - Written onJuly 1, 2017

Thank you for taking care of my daughter Luci on your day off! Her head is healing beautifully! We appreciated your patience with our little one who was very scared! You put us all at ease!


I agree with my wife, you are the best!

5.0 stars - Written onJune 29, 2017

The visit was excellent and extremely informative. I do hope you are able to find a solution to my problem. I cannot think of anything new at this time you could possibly add. As my wife has always said, you are the best and I certainly concur with that opinion.


To say that Dr. Azar sets the bar is an understatement.

5.0 stars - Written onJune 18, 2017

There is good reason I have traveled from San Diego and San Francisco over the years to see him. His patience, devotion and genuine care given to his patients, along with his unequivocal knowledge and experience make him the best in his profession. I can’t imagine that you receive anything but glowing reviews of thanks from your patients!


Dr. Azar is an excellent and talented surgeon.

5.0 stars - Written onJune 9, 2017

Dr. Azar and his staff are very courteous and professional. I appreciated the length of time he spent explaining and answering all questions concerning the best options for my case. In the time we spent w/Dr. Azar, he seems to be an excellent and talented surgeon. It was my first appt. w/a plastic surgeon and I am glad it was w/ Dr. Azar, as it was a terrific experience.


Thank you very much to Dr. Azar and his great staff!

5.0 stars - Written onJune 1, 2017

We really appreciate Dr. Azar’s and his office staff’s prompt and courteous attention to our son’s facial laceration emergency. We are highly impressed and satisfied with the medical procedure performed by Dr. Azar. We are confident that any residual scaring will be greatly minimized as a result of Dr. Azar’s very capable surgical skills exhibited. The staff and nursing support were very comforting during the tense time for us and our son.


There is nothing that I did not like about Dr Azar and his office.

5.0 stars - Written onMay 22, 2017

I was very happy with my visit to your office! There is nothing that I did not like. As a matter of fact, I already told a couple of people how much I was impressed by the whole experience. I liked the location (up on a hill) and the quietness of the office. The relaxing, scenic dvds in the waiting room were/are a very nice touch. The people in the office seemed to be very caring and interested. Dr. Azar and the nurse were very nice, very personable, and professional. My ear looks great and seems to be healing nicely! You have a very nice office. I even liked the green color on the walls in the bathroom. 🙂


Dr Azar and his staff have been professional and personable in meeting my needs.

5.0 stars - Written onMay 17, 2017

I have had the Pearl procedure through which Dr Azar supported me with pain management (hardly any pain) and explained every step along the way. The results were very good. Dr Azar has also treated me with Botox with great results. Also, I have had amazing facials with the esthetician Christy. She is the best esthetician I have ever been treated by.


I consider Dr. Azar to be a good friend.

5.0 stars - Written onMay 9, 2017

I met Dr. Azar in 2007 after having a brain tumor removed on 2-21-07 without my awareness. My head had been cut open from ear to ear, and my face peeled down and put back. Nerves and muscles were cut, causing my right eye to droop almost closed, and a deep indentation in my right temple area. I was referred to Dr. Azar by my Neurologist, being told he was the greatest Plastic Surgeon available to treat trauma to the face. When I met Dr. Azar, I was immediately put at ease by this soft spoken, caring, doctor. He explained what he would do to reconstruct the damaged areas.He would lift the eyebrow, put a plate in the right temple and re-attached the muscle and then fill in the dent with bone putty. I consented to the surgery for June 2007. I had a lot of bruising and swelling for about 3 days and then I started to look better, I now could see completely out of the right eye. Dr. Azar explained to me that when I talked, I had a lot of expression in the left eyebrow and forehead yet no expression on the right side as the nerve in the forehead is dead. He began Botox treatments on the left side of my forehead to make it match the right side. April 2009, the right eye, again began to droop and “This Soft Spoken Doctor” talked me into more repairs, this time including the left eye being lifted so my face would be symmetrical (I believe thats what he called it). I can sing nothing but Praises for Dr. Azar, I even suggested to him that he hold classes for other doctors to teach them “Bedside Manners” since he’s so great at it. I never hesitate to recommend Dr. Azar to anyone I know, I usually say if you ever need plastic surgery I have the greatest doctor for you. He’s young, gentle, kind, soft spoken and SINGLE, that usually gets their attention. I have complete confidence and trust in his wonderful skills and knowledge. I consider him a good friend.


Dr. Azar immediately put me at ease.

5.0 stars - Written onApril 27, 2017

I was lucky enough to find Dr. Azar through my daughter who had reconstructive surgery on her arms due to a prior accident. The way that Dr. Azar and his staff treated her, and ultimately, myself, are remarkable. Dr. Azar immediately puts you at ease, and takes as much time as necessary to ensure that all of your questions are answered before and after your procedure. My previous botox experiences left me unhappy with my results, but I find that because of Dr. Azar’s expertise and knowledge, I look refreshed and natural rather than frozen. As any woman who wants to look and feel her best, I feel like I have found a doctor who works with me and displays a genuine interest in his clients’ and their satisfaction.


Dr. Azar was amazing!

5.0 stars - Written onApril 15, 2017

He gave me hope and made me feel that everything was going to be alright. I felt like I was his first priority.


Great job!

5.0 stars - Written onApril 9, 2017

Service is always wonderful with this office. Every time I come in, I am always greeted right away and the staff is always friendly and warm. Dr. Azar is always respectful and knowledgeable, always willing to answer any questions I may have. I have recommended him to multiple people and will continue to do so. Wonderful team!!


Dr. Azar really listened to my special concerns.

5.0 stars - Written onMarch 30, 2017

Looking back on the adventure, Dr. Azar really listened to my special concerns. The final result shows that my concerns were actually satisfied. His work is masterful, and by that I mean my friends and family did not notice I had a surgical procedure, but to me and my husband… I really look 15 years younger than before Dr. Azar performed his magic. I suppose I look ten years younger than my actual age but I was looking far older… before.


I am very pleased with Dr. Azar.

5.0 stars - Written onMarch 23, 2017

Thank you all for a great experience. I have not felt this good in a long time.


Dr Azar always had a smile for me.

5.0 stars - Written onMarch 19, 2017

Dr. Azar was always there with a warm smile and always calmed me down when I was nervous. I would never go to anyone else now that I know how talented he is!


I’m always happy with Dr. Azar.

5.0 stars - Written onMarch 8, 2017

I’m always totally happy with all aspects of my visits – especially the knowledge, compassion, and complete and thorough explanations of Dr. Azar.


I am so happy with my results.

5.0 stars - Written onFebruary 28, 2017

Dr. Azar, I can’t say enough about your office and staff. Thank you all for being so caring.


I could not be happier!

5.0 stars - Written onFebruary 14, 2017

The whole experience was even better than I had expected.


I know I am in good hands with Dr. Azar.

5.0 stars - Written onFebruary 3, 2017

My third surgery with Dr. Azar and team. If that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what will!


Dr. Azar always shows that he cares.

5.0 stars - Written onJanuary 11, 2017

Like the new office. Dr. Azar spent an unbelievable amount of time with us explaining in detail all our options and answering all our questions. He even said he was going to spend time researching to see if there were any other options other doctors were using that were successful for my procedure. Thanks again!