CoolSculpting Thighs and Banana Rolls

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CoolSculpting Thighs Thousand Oaks

CoolSculpting your thighs and the bunches of “banana rolls” beneath your buttocks is the non-invasive way to contour your legs to smoother and more sculpted appearance. Get a leg up on swimsuit season with CoolSculpting, it’s one of the hottest fat removal treatments in the country!

Under the leadership of Kouros Azar, M.D., who will take a comprehensive approach to your body and your contouring needs. If you are looking to slim down your legs, and achieve the leanest look, then a quick and simple consultation would be the first step. We have highly trained and skilled professionals ready to help you on your journey and we look forward to celebrating your results with you! Azar Plastic Surgery & Med Spa serves the Los Angeles and Ventura Area with precision and professionalism. 

We also offer virtual consultations for anyone who wants to learn about the benefits of CoolSculpting without needing to leave the comfort of their home.

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What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is the safe and effective method of body contouring through cryolipolysis.[1] When a medical professional applies the uniquely designed applicator that fits your specific needs, it will then delivers a concentrated amount of cold to the adipose (fat) tissue, and that’s when the magic happens, and  the unwanted fat cells begin to die. CoolSculpting technology targets stubborn fat deposits while keeping the surrounding skin and muscles unharmed. 

CoolSculpting for Thighs

If you want to address excess fat in your inner and/or outer thighs, CoolSculpting may be the perfect solution for you. Dr. Azar and his team have mastered the art of thigh cryolipolysis in order to help improve the overall appearance of your legs, and to find their ideal shape and size. The CoolFit applicator eliminates the excess fat along the inner thigh, while the CoolSmooth Pro attachment is more suited for the outer thighs. Regardless of the issue you may be having with unwanted leg fat, Azar Plastic Surgery & Med Spa has the proper tools to address your needs. 

CoolSculpting for Banana Rolls

Coolsculpting Banana Rolls Thousand Oaks

No matter how hard you exercise or how diligently you diet, those “problem areas” can be unforgiving and relentless. One such region is the bulk of fat that collects below the buttocks. It is sometimes referred to as the banana roll, and it can really put a damper on the way you feel in your favorite workout pants. A great solution to this problem area is treating it with CoolSculpting, it’s a effective procedure that eradicates the small bulge along the lower ridge of the backside.

Combination CoolSculpting

When you schedule your thigh and banana roll CoolSculpting sessions simultaneously, you are maximizing your results in minimal amount of time. Dr. Azar can accommodate your schedule to keep your legs slim and sleek in less time than it would take to watch a movie. Call (805) 373-7073 to schedule an appointment with Azar Plastic Surgery & Med Spa.

Body Contouring Benefits

It is empowering to shape your frame and feel amazing in your skin. Modern science allows us to supplement your healthy lifestyle like never before. If endless exercise and fad diets have proven ineffective at sculpting your thighs and buttocks, then we encourage you to consider the benefits of CoolSculpting.

Cryolipolysis is safe, effective, and non-invasive. There is no anesthesia involved, so there is no downtime required. You can achieve the look you see for your legs after your recommended treatments of CoolSculpting sessions, and then get back to all that life requires of us. 

Eligible Candidates

If you have excess fat along the upper legs or lower buttocks region, then CoolSculpting may be an ideal solution for you. Los Angeles area residents and visitors can experience a 15-25% reduction in fat after a typical session, and those results are multiplied when you come back for your next treatment. Eligible candidates who are in good health, and are maintaining a relatively stable body weight are ideal for this treatment. To determine if CoolSculpting is right for you, schedule a consultation with our office. 

Private Consultation in Ventura County, California 

The Azar Plastic Surgery & Med Spa staff are dedicated to communicating with our patients, and discussing the best plan for each individual because we all have different needs. We are happy to explain every step of the CoolSculpting process in order to ensure you are confident in what to expect. As part of our continued efforts to keep the lines of communication open, we will regularly update our blog with healthcare tips and aesthetic trends. We appreciate any feedback you may have for us, and we look forward to discussing your cosmetic goals during your next visit.

Preparation and Procedure

Due to the fact that CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure, there is little to no preparation required. In fact, you may be ready to start your first session immediately following your consultation.

From the moment you arrive at Azar Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, we will strive to make you comfortable. As your trained clinician attaches the appropriate applicators to your thighs and banana rolls, you can relax and enjoy the time that you will spend in our office. Feel free to check your smartphone, read a book or watch TV. 

During your session the CoolSculpting technology will identify unwanted fat cells, and delineates it from the surrounding healthy tissue by freezing the targeted fat cells, and effectively destroying them. Your body will now regard the dead fat as waste material, and your lymphatic system will flush it from your body gradually and naturally.

Breezy Recovery

Most of our clients report no discomfort from their thigh and/or banana rolls from CoolSculpting treatments. The most common feedback we receive is experiencing numbness, tingling or a burning sensation to the treated areas. This is completely normal and will subside within either a few minutes, hours, or days of the treatment, but it will resolve shortly afterwards. In some cases patients may also experience redness and swelling to the areas, which is also considered within normal limits post-treatment. 

In the 2-3 months following your second CoolSculpting session for thighs and banana rolls, your lymphatic system will flush away the fat cells that were frozen into stasis. This process is as natural as digesting food, so allow your body to do its job and wait for your amazing results to emerge.

Cool Results

coolsculpting thighs thousand oaks

According to one comprehensive study, 97% of thigh CoolSculpting recipients were so satisfied with their results that they planned to undergo a subsequent treatment.[2] Dr. Azar can suggest the appropriate number of sessions to eradicate your thigh and banana roll bulk, making the most of each visit. 

Azar Plastic Surgery & Med Spa is able to achieve between 25% and 50% fat reduction for our patients. We are humbled by our glowing reviews and we strive to deliver the same 5-star service to all of our clients: past, present, and future. 

Complementary and Alternative Procedures 

CoolSculpting is a fantastic way to eliminate fat cells along the banana roll and its adjacent thigh region. Dr. Azar can help you decide if cryolipolysis is the best strategy for your legs, or if a different suite of procedures may be more beneficial to your unique anatomy.


If you want to experience an immediate reduction in fat, consider a liposuction treatment at Azar Plastic Surgery & Med Spa. By gently bathing unwanted fat cells in tumescent liquid, where he can then loosen them from their surrounding muscle and soft tissue. Once the fat cells are sufficiently softened, Dr. Azar will vacuum them from the body through a thin tube, called a cannula. Liposuction provides body contouring in your “problem areas” by sculpting away the fat meticulously and effectively. 

Tummy Tuck

Liposuction is part of our transformative tummy tuck procedure here at Azar Plastic Surgery & Med Spa. In addition to removing unwanted fat, a tummy tuck trims excess skin from the midsection. Dr. Azar skillfully sutures the incisions back together to create a taut, slim appearance.

Breast Lift

The same discipline applies to our breast lift procedure, which repositions the bust to sit higher and firmer on the chest. Excess skin and fat are gently removed, allowing a more pleasing silhouette to emerge. 

Mommy Makeover

All of the procedures mentioned above can be combined into a comprehensive mommy makeover treatment. Azar Plastic Surgery & Med Spa can assess how your body has changed after pregnancy and determine which area(s) can benefit from our unparalleled procedures for aesthetic enhancement. Dr. Azar wants all the lovely mothers of Los Angeles to look and feel their best. 


How much does CoolSculpting cost in Southern California?

The price of any contouring procedure depends on the extent of the area being treated and the number of sessions required. By combining your thigh and banana roll CoolSculpting sessions, you can streamline the process to suit your schedule. Azar Plastic Surgery & Med Spa also runs occasional specials to help reduce costs so you sign and and receive this treatment. 

Does CoolSculpting work on banana rolls?

Banana rolls are the pinchable bunches of fat that are tucked in the crease between the thighs and buttocks. They can detract from the smooth shapeliness of your backside and make your thighs seem thicker and wider than they actually are. Fortunately, CoolSculpting can effectively treat this area and make those bananas split!  A single CoolSculpting session eliminates 20 to 25% of fat from a treated area! Subsequent treatments will continue to improve your results.


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