Erase Sun Damage with Fractional Pearl Laser Treaments

For years, aggressive lasers such as the CO2 laser were the standard for treating fine lines and wrinkles. The problem however, was that these treatments were drastic; removing the entire top layer of skin and taking weeks of downtime to heal. As a plastic surgeon with patients in Westlake Village and the surrounding area, I know many of them were hesitant to undergo this type of procedure.

Now there is an easier solution: Fractional Pearl Laser treatment

Like the traditional CO2 lasers, the Fractional Pearl uses laser light to generate heat and ablate or remove the top layer of skin. But the fractional laser leaves columns of healthy, untouched tissue between the areas that are ablated.

What we lose in being aggressive, we gain back in terms of reduced downtime, faster healing and less pain. Some patients might need more than one treatment but they won’t suffer open, draining wounds like traditional CO2 laser treatments.

What can the Fractional Pearl Lasers do?

Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
Reverse sun damage and uneven pigmentation
Tighten the skin and promote collagen growth
“I’m surprised at how quickly I healed” says“Tammy,” a 50 year old financial executive, had Fractional Pearl and is very pleased with the results.

“After the treatment, my face felt like I had a sunburn for about three hours,” she says. “Then it was as though someone turned off a wall switch and the stinging shut off.”

What improvements did she see?

“It improved my skin’s tone and texture, reduced the size of my pores and removed my acne scars. Now the color of my skin is even from the top to the bottom of my face.”

Is the Fractional Pearl Treatment right for me? I’m introducing this exciting treatment this fall and will be performing the first two weeks worth of procedures at a significant discount off the normal cost. Don’t miss this opportunity to erase years of sun damage, especially all the spots accumulating during the past summer months.

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