Tandem Plastic Surgery: Mutual Support through Your Recovery

Have you considered having your plastic surgery with a friend or family member? Pairs such as the mother and daughter recently featured on Good Morning America are increasingly going into the OR together. Around Thousand Oaks, having plastic surgery at the same time as a friend or relative can actually have many benefits, such as:

Additional Empathy and Support

Having someone to support you on an emotional level before, during, and after your procedure is extremely important. By undergoing plastic surgery with a friend or partner, you will have someone by your side who understands exactly what you are feeling (physically and emotionally) throughout the entire process.

A More Enjoyable Recovery

A loved one can lift your spirits during the recovery process and can make the experience more enjoyable. It can also lessen any post-operative blues (often a side effect of anesthesia) and may even make recovery seem to go by more quickly.

Enhanced Connection After Surgery

Plastic surgery is a journey of personal transformation, and sharing that journey with someone else creates a mutual bond. That is why many couples who go through plastic surgery sometimes report that they feel closer and more connected for having gone through the experience together. By changing their appearance at the same time, they symbolically start a new chapter in their lives.

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