How VECTRA® Can Help With Breast Augmentation Size Decisions

As a plastic surgeon in Thousand Oaks, I am always careful and thorough when I help patients select breast implants that match their aesthetic desires, body type, and lifestyle. But even after reviewing before-and-after photos and trying various bra sizers, my breast augmentation patients often want a better idea of what they will look like after their surgery.

In this regard, the VECTRA 3D imaging system is indispensable. Because it uses patients’ own body proportions to approximate the results they can achieve with a given breast implant size, it often gives them the tangible visualization they need to be confident about their decision.

How VECTRA Works
First, the VECTRA system will take a 3D scan of the patient’s body, from the neck down to their hips. It records all sides and angles and translates them into a 3D representation of the patient. That becomes the “before” image, which we can then compare side-by-side against “afters” with different implant types, shapes, and sizes. It’s very easy to create a 3D interpretation of what the patient will look like with each of the available options.

The system also allows patients to see what their results may look like nude, in a bra, or even a bathing suit. You can view the results from all angles of the body – top, side, front, back – whatever helps the patient get a thorough understanding of their potential results.

VECTRA has proven to be a very beneficial tool in countless consultations, as in the case of the patient whose before-and-after pictures are featured below. We used the VECTRA system to help her determine both the implant placement and size that she desired for these results, which are both natural-looking and fitting for her body.

To see more before-and-after photos from some of my real patients, I encourage you to visit our gallery, which contains descriptions of the different types and placement of implants used for each patient. If you’re considering a breast augmentation here in Thousand Oaks, you may find these images to be a helpful tool.

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