I consider Dr. Azar to be a good friend.

I met Dr. Azar in 2007 after having a brain tumor removed on 2-21-07 without my awareness. My head had been cut open from ear to ear, and my face peeled down and put back. Nerves and muscles were cut, causing my right eye to droop almost closed, and a deep indentation in my right temple area. I was referred to Dr. Azar by my Neurologist, being told he was the greatest Plastic Surgeon available to treat trauma to the face. When I met Dr. Azar, I was immediately put at ease by this soft spoken, caring, doctor. He explained what he would do to reconstruct the damaged areas.He would lift the eyebrow, put a plate in the right temple and re-attached the muscle and then fill in the dent with bone putty. I consented to the surgery for June 2007. I had a lot of bruising and swelling for about 3 days and then I started to look better, I now could see completely out of the right eye. Dr. Azar explained to me that when I talked, I had a lot of expression in the left eyebrow and forehead yet no expression on the right side as the nerve in the forehead is dead. He began Botox treatments on the left side of my forehead to make it match the right side. April 2009, the right eye, again began to droop and “This Soft Spoken Doctor” talked me into more repairs, this time including the left eye being lifted so my face would be symmetrical (I believe thats what he called it). I can sing nothing but Praises for Dr. Azar, I even suggested to him that he hold classes for other doctors to teach them “Bedside Manners” since he’s so great at it. I never hesitate to recommend Dr. Azar to anyone I know, I usually say if you ever need plastic surgery I have the greatest doctor for you. He’s young, gentle, kind, soft spoken and SINGLE, that usually gets their attention. I have complete confidence and trust in his wonderful skills and knowledge. I consider him a good friend.

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