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Mid Facelift

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Youthful cheeks are full and rounded like apples, but over time the cheeks drop and flatten with age. Dr. Azar offers an effective, but minimally invasive facelift in Thousand Oaks for Newbury Park and Westlake Village women and men called the endoscopic mid facelift. He uses this technique to restore youthful fullness to the cheeks and reduce sagging along the jawline, with minimal scarring and recovery time.

If you are wondering if a facelift is right for you, request a consultation with Dr. Azar to discuss the possibilities. Or you can call our office at (805) 250-0077 and one of our knowledgeable, friendly staff members will schedule your appointment.

Before After

Dr. Azar performed a facelift, neck lift, and a transblepharoplasty for this patient. She is thrilled with her results, and says that she has more confidence than she has had in a long time. For more photos of Dr. Azar's facelift results, visit his photo gallery. Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Meet Dr. Azar

Dr. Kouros Azar

A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Azar develops innovative surgical techniques and is dedicated to providing exceptional outcomes.

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The Face You Want

Like a traditional facelift, an endoscopic mid-facelift focuses on the middle of the face. This minimally invasive procedure uses an endoscope to separate the tissues around the eye and cheek through inconspicuous forehead incisions made along the hairline. The tissues of the cheek are then suspended from the temple using an innovative, absorbable plate called a mid-face Endotine™.

This facelift technique gives the cheeks a very youthful and lifted appearance without the use of artificial implants. Patients experience no migration or infection with this technique. Dr. Azar may suggest a traditional facelift when patients require more significant correction. View Dr. Azar's Facelift FAQs page for more information about this procedure.

Complete Your Facial Rejuvenation

Many of our mid facelift patients, who visit from Simi Valley, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, and other nearby communities, choose a more complete facial rejuvenation by having other procedures performed together.

Your Recovery & Beyond

An endoscopic mid facelift typically takes about 2 to 3 hours, depending on whether it is combined with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Azar typically uses general anesthesia, but you may choose to have the procedure done under sedation.

While experiences vary after surgery, most patients can return to non-strenuous activities in about a week. The tiny incisions usually heal very quickly, so you should be able to return to work in 10 days to 2 weeks.

Why Dr. Azar for a Mid Facelift?

As a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Azar is an excellent choice for your procedure. His patients typically look naturally more youthful and refreshed, require minimal recovery time, and rarely experience complications. Dr. Azar's training and established practice give him a consistent path to success:

Dr. Azar develops a personalized treatment plan for every patient, focused on the best way to achieve the goals you discuss together.

We're Easy to Find

Our office is conveniently accessible near the junction of Highway 101 and Highway 23 in beautiful Thousand Oaks. Our visitors travel to see Dr. Kouros Azar from throughout Southern California. Here are helpful driving directions to our office. Please select your location to get started.

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